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Supporting Future Leaders through the CalAPA Process We are here to help!

“I finally had a chance today to sit down today to quantify how much you helped me on the CalAPA process. In total, in the 37 days we worked together from the first evening I reached out to you while sitting in front of my computer (overwhelmed and in tears), to the day I submitted my final CalAPA cycle, we exchanged many emails, texts and had numerous video chats. In total, you guided, strategized, advised, and encouraged me so successfully that I earned 4s on every single rubric for Cycle 1. Working with you was the best decision I could have made and it was more than a wise investment in my CalAPA journey. While working with you, I also saw in action those less tangible elements of good leadership – and that’s what makes you so remarkable! You are not only knowledgeable and supportive; you are also kind, brilliant, connected, authentic, and honest. I miss you already and I hope our paths cross again”

Public School Educator

Our Services

CalAPA Consulting is here to help you!

CalAPA is here to help you. Let me be your personal CalAPA Coach

Whether it is to help individuals with their CalAPA submissions (CalAPA Info) or to complement a university or PASC program, let me help! I can help you as an individual submitter or help energize an overall CalAPA program, be a guest speaker to provide insights and advice, and provide individual student help as needed. I am Pearson CalAPA trained as an assessor and know what it takes to design a successful program and help students learn and grow from their CalAPA process as well as pass!

I am here to provide feedback on individual student’s CalAPA Cycle 1, Cycle 2, and Cycle 3 work so that you can submit your work to Pearson with confidence. Within the CalAPA cycles are great leadership learnings! I can help be a good reminder of those gems and provide further resources to make the learning even more meaningful! ​

I offer Keynote and lectures to students and am happy to serve as a guest lecturer on any of the three cycles or to kick off the year and get everyone motivated to pass their CalAPAs! Let me help make the CalAPA process a rewarding growth experience!

Kristen provided excellent trainings in all three CalAPA cycles to our PASC program.  She is able to provide very knowledgeable information about the rubrics and what candidates need to do to be successful.  Well worth the money to make our PASC program one known to candidates as offering a high level of support in the CalAPA process.”  PASC Director, Southern California

CalAPA Cycle 1

CalAPA Cycle 2

CalAPA Cycle 3

Hourly Consultation Available:

Let us help you pass the CalAPA, strengthen your overall program design, be a guest lecturer, answer questions, and become a partner in this complicated process!
Kristen Nelson CalAPA Trainer


Who Am I?

My name is Kristen Nelson and I am an elementary school principal in Dana Point, California, I also work with two local PASC programs who offer CalAPA classes and support to students making their way through the administrative program. I am a CalAPA trained assessor and I have taught all of the CalAPA cycles numerous times, assisted students through the process, and have a 99% success rate of my student’s passing! I have written three educational books and working on my fourth now that will be published by Solution Tree. I feel strong about giving back to the next generation of leaders and want to provide any support I can to help students in need of additional help. I attend trainings and workshops that relate to CalAPA so I am up-to-date on any changes or revisions to the materials.

Have any questions?

If you're interested in any of our services, please give us a call or send us an email. We look forward to hearing from you.

Money Back Guarantee

If you don’t pass, you either get all of your money returned or I can continue to work with you at no additional cost to make the necessary revisions and resubmit to Pearson so that you do pass.  Your choice. 

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