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Building a Winning CalAPA Program!

What We Offer

Each PASC administrative program offers support and encouragement to their candidates and our consulting work is designed to complement this support and guidance. I can partner with you in the overall PASC program and be a guest speaker, consult with you on how to help your students pass the CalAPAs, provide documents to help organize your students’ work, and work with individual students as needed.

For individual students, I follow all of the rules set forth by the State of California and the Pearson Company in that I do not offer to write any CalAPA nor make videos. Yet I can read and watch students’ work and provide feedback and ask questions that relate to the CalAPA rubric. I can point out any grammar issues or let you know we got lost in a paragraph so you know where to go back to clarify. (CalAPA Information)

We also provide hourly consultation ($250/hr) to assist administrators of the program, instructors, or students and answer questions and provide insights into the CalAPA process. Let us take the mystery out of the CalAPA Cycles for you!

CalAPA Supporters
CalAPA Consulting Service

Quality Consultation Services

Quality Consultation Services

You will receive feedback from CalAPA Consulting within 7 – 10 business days. Our feedback will be in written form and consultation in Zoom sessions to go over the feedback.

Consultation Services

We provide prompt and timely consultation services for $250/hour that can include questions, information about the CalAPA cycles, speaking to cohorts of students, and providing feedback regarding the overall PASC program design.

Prices and Services

Hourly Consultation Fee: $250 (Phone, Meets, or Zoom)
CalAPA 1 – All components = $175
CalAPA 2 – All components = $175
CalAPA 3 – All components = $175
CalAPA Consulting Pricing & Service Plan

Any questions?

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